Week of June 3, 2019

  • Roadside curb installation will occur on the northwest corner of Blue Hills and Albany; partial lane closures may occur within the area.
  • Paving along the gutter line will occur at the intersection of Blue Hills and Albany.
  • Installation of light pole foundations, conduit, and temporary illumination will occur on the north side of Albany at Blue Hills. Installation of decorative lights continues on the north side of Albany east of Woodland.
  • Conduit installation will occur across Albany at Oakland and Sterling. Expect partial lane closures in these areas.
  • Installation of bollards will occur on the northeast corner of Woodland and Albany and also at 1037 Albany (Pampi’s).
  • New concrete sidewalks/driveway aprons will be installed on the north side of Albany between Deerfield and Lenox and also on the south side of Albany between Edgewood and Burton.
  • Brick paver installation continues east on the north side of Albany between Woodland and Deerfield.